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horseback riding

Proponiamo due tipologie di escursioni guidate a Cavallo nei dintorni di Palermo. Queste vengono effettuate in totale sicurezza per gli escursionisti e per gli animali attraverso l’utilizzo di attrezzature idonee e lungo percorsi adeguati. Per questo motivo sono rivolte a tutti, anche a chi non è mai salito in sella.

percorso 1
natural reserve of capo gallo

We propose a hike on the slopes of Monte Gallo, in an urbanized area overlooking the sea and the Gulf of Mondello along the borders of the Natural Reserve. It will be possible to make a relaxing hike away from the chaos of the city, admiring the natural beauties of the reserve and the gulf of Mondello.

Along the trip of about an hour, you should see the typical Mediterranean flora and you will be guided along a path among nature, history and curiosities related to the territory of Palermo.

percorso 2
lake of piana degli albanesi and surroundings

We propose a hike through fields of olive trees and vineyards surrounded by crops of wheat that have made the Sicilian territory famous, along the dirt paths that lead to the lake of Piana degli Albanesi, an important site of community importance. You will be immersed in the shrub vegetation, typical of a Mediterranean climate surrounded by endemic species of wet habitat of the lake where you can have a restorative picnic with local products.

Along the excursion of about three hours, you should see the typical flora and fauna, as you listen to stories and curiosities about this territory.