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mountain bike

piana degli albanesi

For bike enthusiasts we propose a mountain bike tour on a dirt path to an important site from the point of view of the landscape, nature and tourism such as Lake Piana degli Albanesi. The hike is characterized by fields cultivated with fruit trees, olive trees, vineyards and wheat fields that do not intensively exploit the territory, which indicates a certain form of environmental protection.

The site is one of the main migratory routes of western Sicily; for this reason it has considerable importance for the numerous species of waterfowl that you can find along the shores of the lake, especially in winter. During all year, species as great crested grebe and gray heron are always there, hunting the carp that live into the lake. During the summer, it is common to see the nesting of coots and mallards near the banks and semi-submerged willows.

The hike is of medium-easy difficulty and includes about 10km along the paths that reach the lake of Piana degli Albanesi, where once you arrive, you will have a restorative picnic before going back. It will only be necessary to wear comfortable clothing for the excursion; we will provide you all the necessary equipment.