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Our trekking itineraries are divided into several Oriental Nature Reserves present in the territory of Palermo, in what is known by geologists as la “Piattaforma Panormide”, which represents the set of mountains that surround Palermo and delimit the “Conca d’Oro”. In these areas you can still find countless species of endemic and rare flora and fauna, also protected at community level. At the border of areas intensely urbanized and exploited by man for many centuries there are still glimpses of uncontaminated nature where you can appreciate not only nature, but also landscapes of great beauty and multiple monuments related to the history and traditions of our territory.

You can choose among different routes suitable for all ages depending on length, duration and degree of difficulty. All that is needed is just a pair of shoes, a backpack, a bit of training and a great desire to know and be together immersed in nature.

natural reserve oriented
capo gallo

sentierI di barcarello

These are distributed along the northwestern slope of Monte Gallo, they are of low difficulty and this also allows to explore nature by riding a bike. Along these routes you can observe several typical species of the Mediterranean basin. Many of them are endemic (i.e., you can only find them in this area), including  the cornflower of the cliffs, the dwarf palm, the peregrine falcon or the emerald toad.

sentiero del faro

It is an easy path that proceeds along the eastern coast of Monte Gallo, starting from Mondello, and can also be traveled by mountain bike. Along this way, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Gallo-Isola delle Femmine. This area shows  both typical formations of the vermetid reef (the coral reef of the Mediterranean Sea), and of low Mediterranean maquis of coastal areas.

sentiero del semaforo

It is a path that starts from Via Tolomea and climbs onto the top of Monte Gallo. The level of difficulty is medium in the first part, then becomes simpler. At the end of this route, you finally will reach the old traffic light tower, that in recent times has been turned into an original “sanctuary” by “Nino l’eremita”. The view from the top is breathtaking, but surprises are not lacking.

natural reserve oriented
monte pellegrino

valle del porco

It is a steep path, sometimes with steps, of medium difficulty that climbs into the valley behind the Royal Stables. It represented one of the few ways  to climb to the top of Monte Pellegrino. Today it is one of the best-survived areas of the reserve thanks precisely to its difficulty of achievement. Along the way, you can see notable specimens of dwarf palms as well as the typical rupicolous habitat.

della rufuliata

It is a path of low-medium difficulty, near the Royal Stables. Starting from a flat area with undergrowth vegetation, it continues on a more demanding track until the top of the mountain, where it is possible to find a forest area of eucalyptus and pine trees. This trail is connected to other paths on the top, near the “Gorgo Rosso”.

scala nuova

It is the paved path used by the faithful during the feast of St. Rosalia to make the “acchianata” (= climbing) to the sanctuary. This is a tradition that has been repeated for centuries every year on the night between the 3rd and the 4th of September to commemorate the ascent to heaven of the saint. Along the way there are many votive chapels dedicated to the saint, inserted in a typical Mediterranean vegetation with the background of Palermo.


It is an easy path that starts from the park near Stadio delle Palme and crosses the Mediterranean scrubland planted by Ferdinando IV of Bourbon, which is now naturalized. The trail, following the slopes of the mountain, will lead to Grotta Niscemi, which can be visited on request to the managing body. It contains Punic inscriptions and parietal incisions dating back to the Paleolithic and the Middle Ages.

parco della favorita

It is a path that is at the height of the history linked to this reserve, without forgetting the environmental and naturalistic components. The path starts from Villa Niscemi with its garden and touches the various historical sites of the area such as Villa delle Campanelle, better known as “Casina Cinese”, or the Royal Stables, up to Bosco Niscemi – an example of replantation to scrub -, and Zone A of the natural reserve.

sentiero medievale
piano bernardo

This path dates back to the seventeenth century; it was used in the past by the faithful during the pilgrimage to the sanctuary. It is located on the Plain Bernardo, in one of the most natural areas of the reserve located near Castle Utveggio. Here you will find the remains of the original holm oak that covered the mountain in the midst of new interventions of replanting species of the Mediterranean scrub. The route is simple and the view on Palermo is amazing!.

piana degli albanesi lake

santa cristina gela (PA)